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About Us

Patient advocates serve in an information and facilitation role in health care. We empower clients by providing background knowledge of the healthcare system, creating an awareness of their options, and feeling confident in voicing their care goals and choices.

Expert Patient Advocacy

Welcome to Patient Advocates of Southwest, your trusted independent patient advocate in Punta Gorda, Florida. We physically serve all of Southwest Florida - from Naples to St. Petersburg. We also remotely work with clients throughout the country.
Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC, is committed to providing ...
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Why Patient Advocacy?

Today’s complex healthcare system is increasingly fragmented. A recent Harvard Business Review analysis found that 52% of patients in this country are not able to navigate the healthcare system’s complexity without help. Patients seeing multiple specialists scramble to keep track of treatment plans. Confusing medical bills and insurance coverage pose challenges to even the most informed patients.

We play a supporting role in easing the burden of the patient's experience. As private, professional patient advocates, we are skilled at navigating the system, bringing peace of mind to struggling clients who simply want the best and safest care for themselves or their loved ones.

Our Business Story

The story of Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC is one of personal passion and professional dedication. It began with a deeply personal response to pivotal healthcare experiences that reshaped my perspective on the system. Witnessing the devastating consequences of inadequate support and communication firsthand, I was driven to become a board-certified patient advocate. With over 2 decades of experience as a nurse and leader, I founded Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC to fill the gap in personalized, compassionate advocacy. Our mission is to empower individuals facing medical challenges, ensuring they receive the support, guidance, and advocacy they deserve throughout their healthcare journey.

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